With CMTV Premier Video from CMTEL, you can now select a lineup from over 117 Basic Channels, 53 Basic HD Channels, 45 Music Channels, and up to 44 Premium Channels.

Basic Lineup add dvr
$88.95 per Month $9.95 per Month
Includes 1 Standard set-top box. Additional set-top boxes are $4.95 each/per month.


$17.50 per Month $11.95 per Month
Features 6 Premium HBO Channels

Features 8 Premium Cinemax Channels

$13.95 per Month $9.95 per Month
Features 13 Premium Channels

Features 17 Premium Channels


Standard installation is $99.95 and includes wiring up to 5 TV locations that are currently connected to cable or satellite. Additional locations will be billed time and material rates of $75.00 per technician hour plus the cost of wire and jacks.

*The Small Print – listed prices are subject to change and do not include applicable federal, state, and local taxes, franchise fees, FCC fees, copyright taxes or other associated surcharges.